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Virtually maintenance free
Don't be fooled. Ordinary vinyl windows are often designed and built for low cost, not for value. And clad wood windows can warp, and demand painting, staining and ongoing maintenance. 

Vinyl windows from CertainTeed, however, will never require any scraping, puttying or painting. You can count on decades of trouble-free, virtually maintenance-free operation. Simply clean the windows periodically with soap and water. 

And you get all of this at a cost that's less than custom-sized wood clad windows, making CertainTeed vinyl windows a sound investment.

Easy operation -- constantly
Ordinary balance systems, like spiral or block-and tackle balances, are based on simple wire-spiral springs. You've pulled on such springs for fun -- the farther you stretch them, the harder they pull back. That's the changing tension you feel when you open and close most windows. 
CertainTeed's balance system is different. It's based on a 3/4" wide stainless steel coil that applies a constant force. The tension never changes. So sashes lift and lower easily ... and stay where you put them. They never sag. They never need adjusting.

Industry-leading thermal efficiency
CertainTeed designed its vinyl windows in the 1970s in response to the energy crisis. Continuous improvements have kept our vinyl windows on the leading edge of technology. All of our vinyl windows have: 

  • honeycomb construction in the frame and sash, which provides insulating "dead space"
  • double-pane glass with a low-conductance spacer that doubles the efficiency of old single-pane glass
  • exclusive Thermaflect® glass, which selects which wavelengths of light and heat should enter your home.

Unsurpassed style 
CertainTeed vinyl windows aren't just efficient -- they're beautiful. A carpentered look is achieved with beveled exterior edges and sleek interior lines. Other beautiful features include an appealing choice of colors, color-matched hardware and CertaLite interior grids that add the classic look of true divided lites. 
And don't worry about sizes. For replacement, CertainTeed windows can be custom-manufactured to fit your window opening exactly. For new construction, choose from our huge selection of standard sizes.

Excellent warranty
CertainTeed vinyl windows are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. We offer a lifetime limited warranty that protects frames, sashes, hardware and glass against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home. And our exclusive SureStart protection covers 100% of the cost of materials and labor to repair or replace a window in the first five years following installation.

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