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There has never been a replacement window that looks or performs like Haverford. Through a new, patented CertaWood technology, CertainTeed extrudes a wood-fiber composite as an integral part of the interior of the frame and sash. Unlike glued-on laminates or veneers this wood fiber material is actually molecularly bonded to the frame and sash. It cannot peel, crack, warp, or rot.

Haverford replacement windows let you enjoy complete interior design freedom. Bring out natural wood grain beauty with stains. Or use paint to achieve the look you want. All this with the superior thermal efficiency, long-lasting performance, design features, and affordability you expect from vinyl.


  • Double-hung 
  • Glider 
  • Casement/Awning 
  • Fixed 
  • Bays/ Bows 
  • Geometrics 
  • Combinations 

  • White exterior with a paintable, stainable interior

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