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Shade That's Guaranteed For A Lifetime

Watch your landscape come alive with the addition of a Factory Direct Vinyl Patio Cover or Gazebo. Vinyl is the overwhelming choice of today's builders, contractors and landscapers. It is convenient, beautiful and best of all, maintenance free. Our custom designed railings, lights, colonial posts and decorative caps are all manufactured with simplicity in mind. There is no visible fasteners such as nails or screws, everything fits together perfectly for a fast, hassle free installation.
Create a sanctuary from the sun by building a patio cover using our dimensional vinyl. Whether you want just a little shade, or a lot, almost any design you can dream up with wood can now be built with vinyl.

Architectural pergola ends also available

For years home owners have enjoyed outdoor patio covers projecting over their homes. Most of these covers are built of wood or aluminum, but the only problem to that is, wood needs to be maintained and aluminum dents and gets very hot in the summer. With new technology in vinyl building products, we have the answer to your patio cover needs. Each patio cover is custom built to your home and is virtually maintenance free. So now you can enjoy your vinyl patio cover or custom gazebo.

Choose from open air slats or lattice to create a shelter that blends with your home's architecture. Several of our vinyl profiles can "Over Sleeve" traditional lumber or be reinforced if additional strength is required. When you purchase one of our solid white or tan patio covers you will never have to worry about painting again!

"Custom manufactured with you in mind"

Computer Numeric Controlled routing allows for a perfect fit of all the componets. Assembly and installation are clean and simple. Our vinyl materials are machined using the most up to date technology and machinery available today.

Measurements are critical to ensure proper assemply and the utmost quality. Our products are engineered to meet both Local and State Engineering Standards including live load, seismic, wind load and deflection. Maintenance free Vinyl never needs to be repaired, stained or replaced due to deterioration. Extruded from 100% pure PVC our vinyl is not constructed from recycled materials.

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