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Beautiful, New, Natural-looking Colors
Deck Lok innovation introduces the first 2-color option in vinyl decking:
- Patent-pending 2 sided option: Light Sandalwood on one side; Dark Sandlewood on the opposite
- Tri-color extrusion creates realistic, variegated, natural wood coloring
- Product versatility simplifies inventory management

Innovative One-piece Assembly
Only Deck Lok's engineered system offers a unique locking connection for faster, easier assembly:
   - Patent-pending "lok" connection secures
     each plank
   - Self-spacing ensures perfect alignment
   - Unique 1-piece system
   - No exposed fasteners
   - Strong enough to span 24" on center
   - Complete deck and railing system with
     full trim package
   - Angles and herringbone designs made

Maintenance? What maintenance?
Deck Lok vinyl products make customer satisfaction Priority one:
   - 100% virgin vinyl
   - Slip resistant embossed surface
   - UV Protection resists fading
   - Limited Lifetime Warranty
   - Comfortably cool to touch
                                                 - No chipping, flaking, rusting

All this and a suprisingly comfortable price!

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The Better Things In Life
What's Important?
There are so many better things you could do instead of hassling with your wood deck or railing.

   - Play another round of golf instead of
     sanding down the slivers.
   - Enjoy Monopoly with your family intead
     of swabbing on chemical restorers.
   - Read the entire Sunday paper instead of
                                                  replacing rusted nails.
   - Paint a portrait instead of painting over the gray...again.

The Original Vinyl Deck System
Eternal Youth
We can't offer you the fountain of youth, but we can help you avoid some wrinkles. Our prescription - a relaxing weekend on a beautiful worry free vinyl deck from Brock Deck Systems.

Ageless Beauty
Brock Deck has an attractive appearance that doesn't shout, "look at me". It just whispers with confidence, "I'm ageless".

Music & Lights
Romantic music and mood lighting are a breeze with Brock Deck & Royal Crown Railing. Outdoor speakers and lighting fixtures can easily be custom-wired through rails and posts for the proper placement around your deck or walkway.

What Makes Us Better
When engineering our deck product line, we took into account the various demands you would put it through. Our goal was a product that solved your problems without introducing new ones. Our expertise makes Brock Deck & Royal Crown Railing the best solution for your deck maintenance problems.

The Measure Of Confidence
Premimum vinyl formula
   - 100% virgin vinyl no inferior or
     compatible ingredients to affect the
   - 12 parts per 100 of titanium dioxide - No
     sun damage or unsightly color changes.

Engineering Excellence
   - Heavy-duty Rail Reinforcements - No
     worries about strength and stability.
   - Single-piece Plank Design - No vinyl against vinyl to squeak.
   - Clip Strip Connection System - No exposed fasteners to lift or rust.
   - Rail Lock Connectors - No weak nails or staples to fail or stain your

Manufacturing Superiority
   - Modern, State-of-the-art Facility - No inconsistent or outdated
   - Heavy-duty Solid Wall - No thin exterior layer to damage and expose
     lesser quality inner layers.

Freedom From Worry
Our highly rated slip-resistant surface gives busy kids and pets safe footing. Take your shoes off and relax. The vinyl surface stays cool in the sun and slivers are never a problem.

Environmentally Friendly
Non-toxic Royal Crown Vinyl eliminated the lingering risks associated with the hazardous chemicals used to preserve and maintain a wood deck. Brock Deck Systems is the ideal use for a long-lasting synthetic that spares our precious forests.

Wise Investment
A good-looking deck and railing adds value to your home. And Brock Deck Systems is your insurance that your investments remains. A one-time expenditure will earn you dividends in the time and money savings.

Built-in Safety
From our first conceptual drawings to our extensive testing, safety has been the primary concern for the inventors of the best vinyl deck system. To protect your family and friends, we built in such safety factors as...
   - Highly rated wet or dry slip-resistant
   - outstanding weight load capacities
   - Self-extinguishing and non-toxic vinyl
   - Excellent impact resistance
   - Strong and durable Clip-Strip connections

Assuring Your Safety
To earn your trust and confidence, the entire Brock Deck Systems line has undergone aging, strength, durability and safety testing by independent labs and testing specialists. The test results were submitted to the international recognized code organization BOCA for consideration. You can rest assured that Brock Deck Systems meets your deck & railing needs. The resulting comprehensive research report will help your building code authority understand the advantages of Brock Deck Systems.

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