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UltraGuard Universal and Semi-Privacy Fencing

Customers can surround their patios, swimming pools and lawns with an eye-catching array of Universal and Semi-Privacy fencing systems. These attractive, understated designs add a sense of style to any home.

In swimming pool applications, the 5-foot and 6-foot Universal options require rail reinforcement. A hot-dipped, galvanized reinforcement is available for these systems

2 Semi-Privacy Fencing Heights
Available in 5-foot or 6-foot heights. Post dimensions are 5 inches by 5 inches. On/Center width is 6 foot. Custom fencing concepts are available as special orders. 

4 Universal Heights
Universal fencing is available in 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-foot heights. Post dimensions are 4 inches by 4 inches. On/Center width is 6 foot. 

2 Post Cap Options
Post caps are available in either Gothic or Flat styles. The flat style is a snap-lock cap, and is designed to ensure quick, secure attachment.

Maintenance-Free vinyl Fencing Systems
UltraGuard Fencing Systems accent your home and enhance your property value with incomparable style and uncompromising quality. Our fencing systems are uniquely designed to offer durability and practicality. But the real beauty of UltraGuard fencing is that it requires virtually no upkeep.

We Stand Behind Our Fences
Backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Non-prorated Limited Warranty, UltraGuard Fencing Systems are engineered to be both impact and weather resistant. In fact, we guarantee that UltraGuard Fencing will never chip, peel, blister, splinter, flake, rot, rust or peel. And that saves you from the bother and expense of painting and re-painting. All of out vinyl fence products are approved by underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Straight, Narrow Picket
Universal Extended
Straight, Wide Picket
Scalloped, Narrow Picket

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