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Beautiful Aluminum Railing: Glass & Picket

When the view is such a vital factor in determining the value of your property why hide it behind a railing system that could potentially rust, rot or splinter?

Unlike wrought iron or wood, Factory Direct Aluminum Railing Systems will not rust, rot, splinter or need to be repainted.

Factory Direct's Aliminum Railing Systems are availible in 7 standard colors, or any one of 180 custom colors, can be produced to match any exterior design features you may have.

Why aluminum? Consider aluminum' many uses in your everyday activities. It's non-corrosive qualities make it perfect for window frames and home siding, vehicle chassis, engine blocks and even the aeronautics industry, the most trying of all. Factory Direct's framework uses the 6063 T5 alloy, and the posts are made from 6005A-T61 alloy, which is even stronger. With the 070 wall thickness of the extrusions being the heaviest in the industry, it makes for an extremely strong system.

Glass Railing lets you enjoy that beautiful view whether it is the lake, golf course, or just that right scenic view for your deck. Our railing is made from Aluminium alloy and is finished with our long lasting powder coat, which allows you to enjoy your glass rail for a lifetime. Custom manufactured with you in mind!

The coating process involves the aluminum material being dipped into a chemical pretreatment to prepare the surface. Then, completely dry and contaminant free, the rail sections recieve a negative electrical charge and are rolled past the powder applicator nozzles. The powder receives a positive electrical charge and litterally "wraps" itself around the exposed metal. From there, the componets are baked at 400F for super adhesion and a consistent thickness. (approx 4-5 mils) The polyester material is UV resistant, will not peel, flake or blister and as it ages, can be buffed back to a like-new condition with a simple cut polish.

Factory Direct's Aluminum Rail componets are precision fabricated to ensure the highest quality standards. Simplicity is key, every componet snaps on or fits together with a minimum on-site work, and very few exposed fasteners. The attention to detail is apparent from start to finish.

Precision fabricated componets work with both aluminum pickets and glass

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